Thank You Firefighters

8314142Dear Community Members,

As we enter the summer season, the recent Border Fire reminds us of the dangers of living in our region. Especially in a period of extreme drought, the chaparral that surrounds so many of our homes and communities is the fuel for destructive fires.

The Border Fire was destructive, taking two lives, homes, property and animals. These types of losses can create tremendous stress on families and communities. We feel for all those affected during this time of tragedy. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

We are forever grateful for the brave firefighters who risked their lives to fight the Border Fire. We know your around-the-clock support kept the fire from becoming more destructive than it could have been. These are the times to rally in support of the men and women on the front lines.


Jamul Indian Village Tribal Council

Restaurant Feature: Emerald Chinese Cuisine

Emerald Chinese Cuisine is one of San Diego’s premier Asian restaurants and it brings its best, as well as most popular, dishes to Hollywood Casino Jamul-San Diego. Chef Hsin-Tang of Hollywood Casino Jamul-San Diego is excited to reintroduce an array of tastes and flavors while providing Asian inspired cuisine with a modern twist.

The Chefs demonstrate fast-action cooking in supercharged woks within their exhibition kitchen. The restaurant will feature some popular comfort menu items including Cantonese-style Cha Siu, Shredded Beef Chinese Pancake, Roasted Duck and Braised Pork Belly. Inspired by Mandarin culture and traditions, we are excited to bring our Chef’s eccentric personality and culinary flare to Hollywood Casino Jamul-San Diego!

Honoring Our Ancestors

This month, Jamul Indian Village Tribal members honored their ancestors by clearing the gravesites of their loved ones. Dating back many generations, clearing gravesites is an important tradition in honoring the final resting places of their loves ones.

“We are proud to honor our ancestors in this way,” said Jamul Indian Village Chairwoman Erica Pinto. “The different generations come together and share stories of our collective past. In clearing the shrubs around the grave sites of our loved ones, we are finding yet another way to stay connected with the past and honor those who have come before us.”

Following the gravesite clearing, Tribal members meet for breakfast and share a special prayer in the Kumeyaay language, led by JIV Vice Chairman Kenny Meza. Neighboring Tribes participated as well, including Chairman Martinez of Sycuan and fellow Tribal members. The JIV also welcomed Tribal members from Manzanita, Campo and Viejas.

Later this year, Tribal members will participate in All Souls Day. The yearly tradition involves crafting paper flowers to decorate the headstones and crosses. At night, they gather with candles to bring light to the Tribe’s ancestors.

In 2014, the Jamul Indian Village created the All Souls Day video to capture the spirit and historical perspective of the day.

Career Opportunities at Hollywood Casino Jamul-San Diego

Hollywood Casino Jamul-San Diego is hiring. To date, hiring managers have extended more than 1,000 job offers in dining and cocktail service, casino operations, security and all other aspects.

“These are exciting times for the Hollywood Casino,” said Vice President of Human Resources Chris McGivern. “We are employing hundreds of people, primarily from San Diego County and Jamul. We look forward to being a major economic driver in East County and the region.”

Those interested in open positions at Hollywood Casino are encouraged to monitor the careers page.

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