Jamul Indian Village Remembers Fallen
Heroes on Memorial Day

Dear Community Members,

This Memorial Day the Jamul Indian Village remembers our Tribe’s fallen heroes and all the military men and women who lost their lives serving the United States. We have a deep sense of gratitude for those who have defended the US in times of conflict and peace, including those of Native American decent.

The JIV has a long tradition of military service. Throughout the major conflicts over the last century, JIV Tribal Members have bravely volunteered. Among others, those who served include Tribal Member and US Navy Member Bert Comacho who was reported missing in action World War II, and James Mesa who lost his life during the Vietnam War.

The “Warrior Spirit” is a deeply held tradition of protecting land and family. As hunters providing for the Tribe and protecting Tribal lands, warriors were revered. Today the words “veteran” and “warrior” are interchangeable, and the custom of protecting one’s people and homeland has carried over to military service.

For more about our Tribe’s military service, please take a few moments to view this video.

Jamul Indian Village Tribal Council

Restaurant Feature: LOFT 94

Weekly Report - 130035 - 05132016Fantastic views, craft beer, and cocktails abound at Hollywood Casino Jamul-San Diego’s LOFT 94. Director of Food and Beverage Raman Natarajan is currently developing the menus, but knows “craft” will play a starring role in the relaxing environment.

LOFT 94 will feature 48 beers on tap, cigars, and handcrafted cocktails and food that elevate the guest’s experience at the casino. Sharing a similar view of the Southern California mountains as Final Cut Steak & Seafood, LOFT 94 will offer billiards with a kick-back feel against a spectacular backdrop.

“Guests will not be disappointed with LOFT 94,” said Natarajan. “This space will be uniquely Hollywood Casino and San Diego.”

LOFT 94 will be opening at Hollywood Casino this summer.

Career Opportunities at Hollywood Casino Jamul-San Diego

Hollywood Casino Jamul-San Diego is hiring. This month, the casino’s Human Resource Department held their final career fair in anticipation of the casino’s opening, and extended offers to candidates.

Knowing there are a number of food and beverage choices at Hollywood Casino, including Final Cut Steak & Seafood and LOFT 94, hiring managers have focused on attracting experienced cooks, and fine dining and cocktail servers.

“The majority of people looking for employment at Hollywood Casino are from San Diego County and Jamul,” said Vice President of Human Resources Chris McGivern. “We have a tremendous responsibility to fill these positions and encourage all who are interested to keep checking back for open positions.”

Chairwoman Erica Pinto feels the high number of applications shows there is a demand in the region for employment opportunities.

“We look forward to becoming a major economic driver in East County. These are exciting times for our Tribe and the people we employ,” said Pinto.

Open positions can be found here.

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