Jamul Indian Village – November Newsletter
A Thanksgiving Message from the Tribal Council

jiv-group.jpgDear Community Members:

This week we join you in celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday. Like all Americans, we celebrate this time with family and friends, and offer our thanks for the many blessings in our lives.

This year we have much to be grateful for. On Monday, October 10, 2016, the Jamul Indian Village opened Hollywood Casino Jamul–San Diego. This project supports our goal of becoming self-sufficient and ensures economic independence for generations to come. It also allows us to work with our neighbors to complete projects that are mutually beneficial, including roadway improvements, and funding for fire and life safety.

We thank the many people who have supported us in our dream, including the approximately 1,000 employees of Hollywood Casino Jamul–San Diego. And to our Tribal members who endured many struggles over the last 20 years as we worked to bring our vision for a better future to life.

We wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and hope your holiday is filled with joy and delicious turkey and trimmings.


Jamul Indian Village Tribal Council

Native American Veterans Exhibit Unveiled in Balboa Park

The Jamul Indian Village proudly unveiled its “Legacy of Service” exhibit this month at The Veterans Museum at Balboa Park. Prominently featured in the main hallway of the museum, the exhibit tells the story of Native American service to all branches of the US military.

“The display not only honors the brave men and women of our Tribe, but all Native Americans who have served our country,” said Jamul Indian Village Chairwoman Erica Pinto. “This exhibit goes a long way in preserving this rich history and telling a story that everyone should hear.”

The touch screen display allows visitors of the museum to view the JIV Military Veterans video, which outlines the Tribe’s service in wars spanning the last century: WWI, WWII, Vietnam, and others. The floor-to-ceiling display frames the narrative by explaining the “warrior spirit” in Native American culture and the strong desire to defend their homeland.

“I am deeply honored to be featured in the exhibit, but I am most proud of the preservation of memories of those who came before us and lost their lives in battle,” said Jamul Indian Village Vice Chairman and Vietnam Veteran Kenneth Meza.

The unveiling coincided with November being Native American Heritage Month. The Tribe honors this time by recognizing the impact of Native Americans on the growth of the United States. The event also took place the week of Veterans Day, a time to honor those who have fought for the country in military service.

“We are proud to host this Native American display and feature the different voices that make up the diverse veteran population,” said The Veterans Museum at Balboa Park Executive Director Sheldon Margolis.

All are encouraged to visit the display during normal museum hours. Additional details about The Veterans Museum at Balboa Park can be found here.

Native American Veterans Exhibit Commemoration
Jamul Indian Village Vice Chairman and Vietnam Veteran Kenneth Meza

Jamul Indian Village Veterans Exhibit Photo Gallery

We’re excited to share this photo gallery from the dedication ceremony of the Jamul Indian Village Veterans Exhibit. Please click here to view.

Tribal Members Honor Their Ancestors

For Tribal members of the Jamul Indian Village, the month of November offers two opportunities to give thanks. In addition to Thanksgiving, Tribal members honor their ancestors on All Souls Day at the beginning of each November.

Tribal members spend the days leading up to All Souls Day clearing the shrubs from the grave sites of those who have passed on and crafting paper flowers to decorate the headstones and crosses. At night, they gather with candles to bring light to the Tribe’s ancestors. Tribal members share stories of those who have passed and remember those who have come before them.

“November has tremendous meaning for our Tribe,” said Jamul Indian Village Chairwoman Erica Pinto. “We show our gratitude for our family and friends who are living and those who have passed on. There’s so much to be thankful for. Especially this year with the opening of our economic development project.”

In 2014, the Jamul Indian Village created the All Souls Day video to capture the spirit and historical perspective of the day.

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