Jamul Indian Village Development Corporation (JIVDC)

The Jamul Indian Village is a self-governing, sovereign nation. Tribal independence and the principle of self-determination guide our people.

Jamul Indian Village Development Corporation (JIVDC) is a wholly owned entity of Jamul Indian Village (JIV). The company is based in Jamul, California, and operates the newly renamed Jamul Casino. The casino features slot machines, live table games, multiple restaurants, bars and lounges.

To help our Tribe achieve our goals of economic self-sufficiency, the Jamul Indian Village established the Jamul Indian Village Development Corporation (JIVDC). A branch of the Jamul Indian Village tribal government, the JIVDC was created to promote economic development and improve the general welfare of the members of our Tribe. The JIVDC is also responsible for handling and overseeing tribal contracts with vendors, and in upholding tribal ordinances, codes and procedures for any tribal economic projects.

The JIVDC oversaw the successful development of the Hollywood Casino Jamul-San Diego, which opened its doors in October 2016 with approximately 1,000 employees. In 2018, JIVDC took over management of the casino and oversaw the Grand Re-Opening of Jamul Casino on August 4, 2018. 

The casino is a major economic engine for San Diego County. The JIVDC plans to capitalize on the economic success of the casino to invest in additional development projects for the good of the Tribe and the greater community.

Environmental Protection Department

Our ancestors lived in harmony with the land for thousands of years. They understood that people are interconnected to their natural environment and that the Earth’s resources should be used without depleting or destroying them.

Preserving the integrity of our natural resources for future generations is of upmost concern to the Jamul Indian Village. The Tribe’s Environmental Protection Department (EPD) is tasked with protecting the land, air and water resources of the Jamul Indian Village reservation. The EPD incorporates the knowledge of our people’s rich traditions with today’s modern technologies to best manage our precious natural resources.

In addition to promoting environmental awareness, the EPD plays an important role in the operations of the Tribe. For example, as part of the planning and construction of our casino, the Tribe undertook a major environmental impact review of the project, which assessed the project’s impact air and water quality, noise and dark sky ordinances, and the facility’s imprint on the land and surrounding community. Significant changes were made to the design of the facility to incorporate environmental concerns, including significantly reducing the size and footprint of the casino and incorporating water and wastewater reclamation facilities into the project.

A copy of the Final SEIS can be found here.

Volume 1 = Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (Main Document)
Volume II = Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (Appendices)


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