Richard TellowTreasurer


    Richard Tellow currently serves as a Tribal Council Member for the Jamul Indian Village. In addition to serving on the Tribal Council, he currently serves as Treasurer and Enrollment Chairman.

    Having previously served as a Council Member for the Tribal Government from 2007 to 2015, Mr. Tellow has always answered the call to serve. He has served as Director of Maintenance, and as EPA Director for the Jamul Indian Village, overseeing construction projects for the Tribe. The Tribe credits Mr. Tellow for his significant role in the design and construction of the Jamul Cultural Community Center and the Tribal headquarters, and he has overseen necessary repairs to the Tribe’s century-old church. He was also instrumental in establishing the Tribal Security Department.

    A dynamic leader dedicated to improving the lives of all tribal communities, Mr. Tellow has served as a delegate to the California Association of Tribal Governments and to the Tribal Transportation Authority. He has also helped create and administer classes for the Acorn to Oaks program, teaching future generations of Tribal leaders about their proud heritage and culture.

    Growing up Mr. Tellow fondly remembers his aunts, uncles, cousins and grandmothers on the reservation. After years of hard work to get the casino open, Mr. Tellow is proud of the accomplishments the Tribe has made on its path to economic self-sufficiency. With the Tribe at a turning point in its history, he looks forward to developing future opportunities for Tribal members, including acquiring additional land and expanding available services, such as health care.

    Mr. Tellow is happily married and enjoys barbecues and beach trips with his family.

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